Sunday, May 15, 2011

1920's Flapper Girl and Sexy Pin-up girl photoshoot!

My hubby happens to be a photographer with a studio and I just did my very first shoot acouple weeks ago, but just now getting to blog about it!! Check him out here =) It was alot of fun working with him and the two hairstylists as well. Everytime I do makeup for someone (and this being my first shoot) I learn new things about myself, where I need to improve, how to be more organized and more efficient on time, that sort of thing. I feel so lucky to be able to practice in my hubby's studio. I think we will have to do this more often!

There were two models, very pretty and the sweetest girls ever! I had alot of fun getting to know them! For one of the model's she was going for more of a 1920's flapper girl look. So I did some research online about the 1920's and learned  that they used alot of pan makeup and soot and coal. So for the eyes I wanted to do something very dark, blacks blues and greens with pencil thin eyebrows. The lips I wanted to do more of a darker shade of raspberry with a cupids bow. The cheeks I wanted to do something with a touch of red maybe a little bit of raspberry.

Here are some inspirations I found online ( I just googled 1920's flapper girl)

Here are some pictures from the shoot! The 1920's look!

For the pin-up girl look I wanted do a more glamorous and old Hollywood/ Marilyn Monroe look. If you look at the pin-up girls they really didn't wear a whole lot of makeup, it was very clean and classic. So here are a few inspirations that I found. I wanted to definitely play up the eyeliner and do a dark lip. 

Here is the pin-up girl look I did!

There are more pictures, but I will have to get more from Mr. Hubby Photographer =) 
I had such a fun time, I hope to do more photoshoots in the future!! 
I am thinking about doing some tutorials on how I did each of these looks, any thoughts?

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!! 


  1. Hi (old man here), that's a classic Clara Bow shot above. An unusual one of her that looks like the sixties can be found at Google Images "clara bow allposters i 343144". For 10s/20s/early 30s style try Google Images "Ziegfeld Girls". Alfred Cheney Johnston (more Google Images) took some great shots of Myrna Darby (died at age 21) and Virginia Biddle that are very nice. oh, I like Elvgren, too.

  2. You are correct, that is Clara Bow! I love her look! Thank you for the advice on the Ziegfeld girls, these are all great inspirations for a 20's look.

  3. Hi,

    Just wondering where you got that image 4th from the bottom (the pinup girl with the parrot)?


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