Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rocker girl

Yesterday, my hairstylist and good friend wanted to do a photoshoot and asked me to do her makeup! It was so much fun working with a friend! Plus, she has beautiful skin and features and putting makeup on her was so much fun! I decided to do more of a smoky dark look. The colors reminded me of peacock feathers. The colors I used were teal, turquoise, dark green, lime green, rusty reddish brown, gold, and a white with gold shimmers. Here is a sneak peak to the shoot....

As soon as I get more pictures I will post more! In this one you can't really tell the eyeshadow, but doesn't she look gorgeous?! 

What are your favorite eyeshadow colors to play with? I was really loving these colors and will have to try them out on myself! 

Loves, Leah

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