Monday, May 30, 2011

I haven't worn makeup for 2 weeks! ahhhh

I've been doing a new diet, its called the HCG Homeopathic diet, ever heard of it? I am on day 16 yay!  Lost 14lbs so far! This diet is seriously the hardest thing I have ever done! Not only is it so strict with what you eat, you also cannot wear any makeup that has any kind of oil in it. So instead of going out and buying all new makeup I decided I will just go without! ahhh, its been really hard but losing weight means so much more to me! So once I am all done with this phase of the diet I will move onto the next phase and that yummy makeup will be coming back to mama!! ANNNND I have some tutorials I am planning for you guys! So so sorry I have been away for a long time...I will be back soon. =)

Is there any makeup questions you might have? I am working on a post about how to find good makeup for a good price...that will be coming soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial day today!!!! 

Loves Leah

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