Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glamour Makeup Party

Last night I was invited to speak to girls ages 14-18 in our church about makeup! It was alot of fun and I think all of the girls had a really good time. I started out talking about how important each of us are and learning how to know our worth. We are all unique and special in our own ways. We often forget this when we are focusing on trying to be perfect or comparing ourselves to other people. Instead of using makeup to cover up whats "wrong" on our faces, I tried to emphasize that we use makeup to enhance what is right on our faces.

So I had each of them write down their most favorite feature that they love on their faces. Then we talked about how to make the most of those features.

What feature do you like about your face? (We all have at least one! )

 (Most of this information I have learned from Makeup books by Robert Jones and Rae Morris and also from Makeup Artist's I follow online like Kandee Johnson, Bobbi Brown and Wayne Goss)

Line your eyes, that is the most effective way to draw attention to them. You want to apply the liner as close to the base of your lashes as possible. Try starting on the inner corner of the eye and work your way to the outer corner.  Another way to make your eyes pop is finding the right color for what color eyes you have. 
Super Hot colors are:
Brown eyes-gold, steel blue, pewter, greens, greyish-plumb 
Blue eyes-gold, pinks, peaches, greys 
Green eyes- lavender, plumb, gold

Wear Blush. You want to find the best color that matches with your skin tone. So if you have porcelain skin more pale pinks and pastel apricots and fair skin use more of sandy pink tones, medium skin use more of a pale orange and brownish pink, dark skin use plum, golden browns, deep roses. Swirl a fluffy brush in the blush, then tap to remove the excess powder and blend up and back toward the hairline. I like to find my cheek bone and blend back from there, almost forming a triangle. (not necessarily the apple of the cheek, the closer you get color towards your mouth the more you age yourself) Here's a youtube video from Wayne Goss, he explains the perfect way to apply your blush here !

You want to wear a shade of lipstick/lipliner/gloss that compliments your natural lip color when you are going for a natural look. The deeper your skin tone is, the deeper the shade of lipstick you can wear. If you are fair-skinned, choose shades of beige, pale pinks and light corals. Medium skin tones look best in brown-based shades of rose, mauve and berry. Go for deep plum, chocolate and red if you have dark skin. The darker the color the smaller it will make your lips look and the lighter the color the bigger your lips will look.


Play them up with mascara. Use an eyelash curler (before the mascara) and you can use a primer, the loreal double extend mascara is awesome and cheap, has both the primer and mascara in one. Classic black mascara looks hot on everybody, but you can try brown if you want a more subtle look. Don’t ever share mascara, bacteria on the wands can cause nasty gross eye infections. Yuck! You also want to replace your mascara about every 3 months.

Shape your brows. An awesome shaped brow can lift and open your eyes! I remember the first time I got my eyebrows waxed, I could not believe how different I looked! Use tweezers to get any hairs between the brows and underneath the arch. Nature has already given you the best arch for your face so use that! (Unless you aren't happy with what nature gave you) Then you want to use a brow brush or old toothbrush to comb brow hairs upward. Finish with a coat of brow gel/clear mascara to set those babies in place. I like to also use a small angle brush and a matte eyeshadow that matches my hair color and fill in my brows. It gives your brows a cleaner look.

I hope everyone can start to feel more positive about their looks! Just know that each and everyone of you is beautiful in your own ways, forget about the things you don't like about your face and focus more on the things you do like!

Have a wonderfully beautiful day!!
Leah =)

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