Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweet deals!

I went to Target the other night and looked at their makeup section and found that alot of the products were on sale! It was fun to get some new stuff that I've never tried and for a cheaper price.

Backstage from Jemma Kidd

Its a really pretty dark charcoal color...and it was on sale for only $4! (original price $16)

and I got Dramatic from Jemma Kidd

 also for $4!!! These 2 colors are actually really pigmented and I love them! Especially for being on sale =)

Loreal's Infallible Never Fail Powder for only $2.98 (originally $11.99) I've always loved Loreal for a cheap brand for foundation so trying this powder I seemed to love it as well! and for only $3 its not too bad!

Elf Fake Eyelashes for $1 each! You can tell they aren't the  best quality so I don't think I would ever use them on anyone but myself. I guess thats what you get for only $1. But if you are wanting some fake lashes to practice on but don't want to spend $4-$5 a piece then try these ones, it'll save you some money.

and that was the end of my sweet deals! not much but I was happy to find some things on sale! Hope everyone is having a great week! I just did a really super fun photoshoot on saturday, 1960's style. Pictures and post is coming soon!!


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