Friday, February 3, 2012

How do you know that?!

So many people are interested to know where I learned all about makeup. So I thought I would share in a blog post! I have learned from various places, but makeup books are my favorite, here I will talk about some of the best and maybe it'll help you for next time you are in need of a new makeup book.

My very first Makeup book that I have ever owned was by Bobbi Brown, called Teenage Beauty. I think I must of been about 13 or 14 when I got this book.
 What I loved about this book was that she focused on teaching you that everyone is beautiful no matter the size of your nose or how many freckles you have. She helps you find your true individual beauty. It's so important to bring out and focus on the beautiful features on your face rather than trying to cover up your flaws and focusing on the negative. She goes on to teach you about how you can achieve a natural, beautiful, everyday look rather than caking on a heavy mask of makeup. I would say that this book is the perfect guide for beginners. It is perfect for finding your inner beauty!

The next book I got was called Ultimate Makeovers by Robert Jones.

In this book you will learn all about various facial shapes and how to convert any face shape into the ideal shape. It talks about different types of makeup and why each product works and how to apply it properly. There are a ton of gorgeous pictures throughout the book that I think are great to look at for inspiration. It has a big section of the book that cover's bridal makeup. Overall, I think it would be a great book for anyone starting in the beauty industry, whether you are a makeup artist, hairstylist or photographer.

Then I got Make-up Designory's Beauty Make-up Book.

This book is great to have! It is one of the actual books that they use at the Make-up Designory School.  There are a lot of very useful tips and tricks in there. This is definitely a MUST HAVE for anyone aspiring to become a makeup artist. I would highly recommend it!
It gives a complete and thorough presentation of the basics of Makeup Artistry. Basically it will give you a greater understanding of color and beauty through the use of makeup. I still go back to this book from time to time to refresh and re learn the skills it teaches in this book.

Lastly, another one I own is Rae Morris's Makeup: The Ultimate Guide

Hands down, this is my FAVORITE one!!! The photo's are gorgeous. The tips and explanations on how to do makeup is awesome and easy to do yourself. She gives step by step instructions on how to do certain looks. I love the way she explains how to groom and perfect your eyebrows (which, by the way, is how I learned how to do mine). There are color charts and tips on contouring and highlighting. Really, this book is the perfect addition to your makeup book collection and will help you improve your makeup skills. Rae Morris has another book called "Express Makeup", which is on my list of books to get!

There are so many other books out there that I am dying to get my hands on. But some other really great ways to learn and grow makeup skills are from other makeup artisits on the internet, I love following different blogs and youtube channels. You can look to the side and I have a list of Blogs that I love that will give you an idea of which ones I follow. Some favorite youtube channels that I like are Wayne Goss, Kandee Johnson, The Queen of Blending, and Lisa Eldridge are just a few to name! Check them out! 

What are your fave makeup artists to follow?!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


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